Experience Itinerary

Every group is unique, and so is every itinerary we create. We consider a multitude of factors, from the group's composition and preferred activities to the season, to craft a memorable journey.
Day 1
  • Explore the old City of Jaffa and Tel Aviv  
  • Dinner at your hotel
Overnight: Tel Aviv
Day 2
  • Drive up the Israeli Coastline and visit Caesarea 
  • Visit Zippori and volunteer in an archaeological preservation activity
  • Drive to Kfar Kedem and experience an authentic Biblical living experience
  • Drive to your hotel on the Sea of Galilee 
Overnight: Sea of Galilee 
Day 3
  • Participate in an archeological dig activity in Chorazim 
  • Visit the Mount of Beatitudes 
  • Visit Capernaum - the town of Jesus
  • Lunch at a local restaurant 
  • Experience Kayaks on the Sea of Galilee
  • Visit a local farm field and learn about the Israeli Agri-Tech ecosystem
  • Dinner at your hotel 
Overnight: Sea of Galilee 
Day 4
  • Drive north to the Golan Heights 
  • Visit Mt Hermon for an overview of the Golan Heights
  • Enjoy a Self Drive ATV ride 
  • Meet the local Druze community for a local culinary experience 
  • Meet the commander of the Good Neighborhood initiative and learn about Israel's humanitarian efforts. 
  • Taste wine at a local vineyard 
  • Dinner at your hotel 
Overnight: Sea of Galilee 
Day 5
  • Breakfast at your hotel 
  • Visit a kibbutz for an agri-tech site
  • Drive south to the Dead Sea 
  • Explore the Dead Sea Salt Caves
  • Enjoy Dead Sea and Spa Facilities at the hotel.
  • Dinner at your hotel
Overnight: Dead Sea
Day 6
  • Ascend to the mountain top site of Masada 
  • Drive up to Jerusalem
  • Visit a lookout overlooking Jerusalem and hear a short “complexities of Jerusalem” lecture
  • Visit the Israel Museum 
  • Enjoy dinner at the home of a local for a true Israel experience
Overnight: Jerusalem
Day 7
  • Take a EZ Raider Ride in the old city of Jerusalem
  • Visit the City of David
  • Hezekiah’s Tunnel
  • Visit the Western Wall 
  • Explore the Western Wall Tunnels
  • Enjoy a culinary market tour of Machne Yehuda 
  • Dinner at your hotel 
Overnight: Jerusalem
Day 8
  • Visit the Mt of Olives
  • Walk down to the Garden of Gethsemane 
  • Visit the Pool of Bethesda, Ecce Homo on the historic Via Dolorosa
  • Lunch at the Old City Bazaar 
  • Visit a local High-Tech company 
  • Enjoy the sound and light show at the Tower of David Museum before heading back to your hotel for dinner 
Overnight: Jerusalem
Day 9
  • Visit Yad Vashem museum
  • Bike around the Judean Mountains vineyards 
  • Visit a local sustainable Cider Brewery supporting Israeli agriculture
  • Check in to Tel Aviv hotel 
  • Farewell dinner at a local restaurant  
Overnight: Tel Aviv
Day 10
  • Free time in Tel Aviv
  • Depart for your flight

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